Charity Work

22nd June 2017

Over the last 12 months we made a commitment to help a horse charity down in Burwash.

Free Rein Horse Rescue have been rescuing and rehoming horses and ponies for over 8 years now and have found new homes for over 271 horses and ponies who would otherwise have been destroyed or sent to the meat auctions.

DSM have been providing assistance building stable blocks and installing fencing along with purchasing transport and a new horse trailer.

In conjunction with all the labour and materials listed above Andy has also been mentoring, guiding and providing business management to Free Reign and we are proud to have been in a situation where we could make such a difference to someone whose commitment to this cause is unfaltering.

Claire who is the founder of Free Reign Horse rescue is dedicated to rescuing horses and ponies. She has a BHS stage 3 qualification and has lived with and managed horses most of her life.

She is excellent at assessing behaviour issues and also an excellent horse transport driver.  Claire will be doing an Equine Behaviour Consultants course this autumn to further her skills and is always on the lookout for other caring people and companies who may be able to assist in this worthwhile cause.